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Westminster Cathedral

Roman Catholic Primary School

Founded by
The Jesuit Fathers circa 1849



Executive Headteacher

Designated Child Protection Officer

Quality of Education: outcomes

Mr N Scott Cree

Deputy Headteacher

Designated Child Protection

Quality of Education: teaching, learning and assessment English Subject Lead

EYFS lead


Ms M Smith (0.8) September-January

School Administration

Mrs A Beach

Monday-Friday 8.30am – 1pm

Ms A Popple

Monday-Friday 1pm-5pm

School Business Manager 

Mrs C McDuell

Site Manager

Mr W Cogan

Special Educational Needs support

Ms Y Arevalo 

Year 6 

Curriculum: foundation subjects

Miss A McMullan

Miss Geraldine LSA

Mirs Eden LSA

Miss Austin LSA (0.6)

Year 5 

Science Subject Lead

Pupil premium coordinator

Personal development and welfare lead

Miss P Figueiredo

Miss Valentina LSA (AM)

Miss Kelly LSA

Ms Arevalo LSA

Year 4

Key Stage 2 Phase Lead

Maths Subject Lead

Miss V Lee (0.8)

Miss Valentina TA

Miss Austin LSA (0.6)

Year 3 

PE lead

Behaviour Lead

Extended schools coordinator

Mr C Beach


Miss Danielle (0.6)

Mrs Gallardo LSA (0.4)


Year 2


Key Stage 1 Phase Lead

RE Subject Lead

Personal development and welfare lead

Designated Child Protection

Miss S Simmons


Mrs Gallardo TA (0.6)

Miss Lauren LSA

Year 1 

Computing Subject Lead

Phonics/Early Reading Lead                                

Mrs B Badejo

Mrs Glynn LSA

Miss Lauren LSA



Miss K Hallsworth

Mrs Bond TA (0.6)

Mrs Jubon TA  (0.8)


Music provision


Pimlico Musical Foundation


Sports provision

Fit for Sport


Miss Geraldine 


Mr E - agency

Additional Teachers

Miss  Aylott (0.2)

Speech and Language provision



Mrs Coelho                          Mrs Mitchell

Mrs Sweeney                      Mrs Coelho

Mid-Day Supervisors

Miss Lauren    

Miss Kelly                         

Mrs Glynn                 

Jay - FFS

Breakfast Club

Mrs Glynn (lead)

Mrs Gallardo

Miss Lauren