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Westminster Cathedral

Catholic Primary School

Founded by
The Jesuit Fathers circa 1849

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

As schools are closed at present, please take a look at the guidance and resources available.

Check back regularly to see what's new!

Lock down support for parents and children with SEND

Covid-19 / Coronavirus - SEND resources and information (WCC)

Westminster SEND Local Offer have created this page to share resources and information that may be useful to families and those working with children and young people who have special educational needs and disabilities. They  will also add any relevant updates from specific services as they become available.

Inclusion LGFL-LGFL has a range of inclusive resources which are suitable for home learning,

Talking to children about the Coronavirus

The news about the Coronavirus may be worrying for some children. It is important to talk about this.

Coronavirus: Keep it simple, stick to facts - how parents should tell kids  - BBC

Social Story - Pandemics and the Coronavirus (Carol Gray)

Social Story - Learning about the Coronavirus (Dr. Siobhan Timmins)

Social Story - People stay at home when they are sick - using widget images

Social Story - Why are people wearing masks?

Speech and Language Support

A set of resource packs have been developed for parents who want to do activities at home with their children, to develop their language/communication skills.  However, these resource packs are useful to any parent who wants to do some fun language-based activities with their child.  They include tried-and-tested games that help all children to develop their core communication skills, such as listening/attention, auditory memory, vocabulary, sentence-building, story-telling and conversation skills.  

The packs are as follows:

-  Everyday activities to develop your child's talking (for EYFS).  Advice and resources on how to develop early language skills during everyday life.

-  A series of five packs on Attention and Listening, Vocabulary, Sentences, Storytelling and Conversation (for EYFS and KS1).  -Themed packs that target different skill areas.

-  Listening and auditory memory games (for KS1).  Advice and resources on activities such as 'barrier games'. 

-  Word games for supporting vocabulary (for KS2).  Based on advice from the people who developed the 'Word Aware' program, with some additional ideas from elsewhere.

-  Creating a Communication Friendly Environment (for all age groups).  

-  Links and downloads (for all age groups).  A selection of other online resources.

The packs can be downloaded from this Dropbox link: 

Additional activities

Through my window by Naomi Moore- Everybody has their own window on the world.

Emotional Literacy- Provides free resources for  parents to help children cope with the current viral outbreak.


Welcome to Westminster Cathedral Primary School’ SEND Information Report

This page describes our schools ‘offer’ for children with SEND


The SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator), along with the Headteacher and Governing Body take responsibility for the implementation of the school’s SEND policy and the co-ordination of special educational needs provision within our school.

Miss Simmons is our SENCo and she has the day to day responsibility for the operation of the SEN policy and providing professional guidance to colleagues and work closely with staff, parents and other agencies.

The SEN Governor is Ms Susana Caio Miranda.

The School Leadership Team along with the Governors are committed to regularly reviewing how expertise and the use of resources are used to address SEN to continue to improve the quality of whole school provision.

In regard to The Children and Families Act 2014, the Equality Act 2010 and the SEND Code of Practice 2014, our school is committed to make arrangements to support pupils with medical or physical needs.

Please see below for our school offer. This also referred to as the SEND Information Report.

If you wish to find out more about the Westminster Local Offer please use the link below: