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Westminster Cathedral

Roman Catholic Primary School

Founded by
The Jesuit Fathers circa 1849

Catholic Life of the School

As a Catholic school, we are proud to share that the foundation of our Mission is to 'Love one another as I have loved you.' John 13. Our school values the uniqueness of each individual as a person made in the image of God, entitled to teaching and learning opportunities which will enable him or her to become a confident, competent, caring and self-reliant person, fully prepared for the next stage of their education career.

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Love one another as I have loved you’ JOHN 13:34


Here are the ways we can follow our Mission Statement and see Joy, Achieve, Respect and Friendship within our school community.



  • Following Jesus’ example
  • Living the Gospel values
  • Saying your prayers
  • Attending Mass /Confession regularly
  • Putting all your energy into anything you do
  • Being passionate about what you are doing
  • Supporting and encouraging others
  • Showing positive body language: smiling
  • Participating positively in all activities



  • Trying your best
  • Being prepared to work hard
  • Pushing and extending yourself
  • Learning from your mistakes
  • Refusing to give up
  • Being driven and keen
  • Accepting and understanding constructive criticism
  • Recognising your own progress
  • Knowing there are different ways to achieve
  • Saying ‘I can do this!’
  • Having confidence and self-belief




  • Being polite: remembering to say please, thank you and excuse me
  • Holding the door open for someone
  • Listening to other people’s opinions especially if they are different from my own
  • Being sincere
  • Following instructions
  • Responding politely




  • Showing trustworthiness.
  • Being honest
  • Standing up for others
  • Being ready to show forgiveness
  • Remembering to be non-judgmental.
  • Being a good listener.
  • Supporting others in their good times.
  • Being there in their bad times
  • Being a good-role model
  • Showing kindness
  • Sharing