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Westminster Cathedral

Catholic Primary School

Founded by
The Jesuit Fathers circa 1849


This week we welcomed Year 6 home from PGL. The children are sharing all their experiences and stories with us. We are downloading all the photographs and will be putting them on the school website soon.

On the way to PGL, I was so excited because I would finally try something that I have never done before. It was a two hour journey and some of us thought we would never see the light of day again! When we got there we were told to drop off our stuff and go outside to learn where our meeting point was. We finally got to unpack and spend time with our room buddies.” J

“When I arrived, I was anxious to start all the amazing activities. It was cold but exciting. The crate challenge was nerve  wracking because our group mates had the opportunity to push the crates—it made me laugh. We kept stacking crates until we could not reach any further, then some of our group pushed the crates and we were left hanging in the air.” A

“The first day that we arrived, I was nervous because the place was huge! My favourite was the giant swing because everyone was screaming—it was hilarious. The funniest part of PGL was when Mr Spearman fell into the canoeing lake, he even had his phone with him. They were playing a game when canoeing and Mr Spearman went to get the ball but he over balanced and ended up in the water.” M