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Westminster Cathedral

Catholic Primary School

Founded by
The Jesuit Fathers circa 1849

Internet Safety Day - Tuesday 6th February 2018

On Tuesday we all learnt about Internet Safety and how we should be sensible users when accessing the internet. The children were mixed within year groups; Years 5 and 6. Years 3 and 4. Years 1 and 2. Each class teacher prepared a workshop covering:

  • Design a poster to illustrate this year’s Internet Safety Theme
  • Drama scripts
  • Positive and negative effect online conflict. Being kind to others.
  • Internet safety quiz
  • How to spot fake news.
  • Digisafe Online.
  • The Acceptable Use Agreement
  • Digital 5-a-day

Each child had their own 'passport' which they used to travel along a journey to become safe and sensible when online.

The children enjoyed their day and have been reflective on what they learnt.

"Internet safety is very important! The reason being is because the internet can be very dangerous and people can put fake news up to make people believe in things that are not real." Year 3 pupil

"We learnt about the Digital 5 this included: connect, be active, creative, be mindful and give to others." Year 4 pupil

"I learnt that a comment written online can cause so much hurt and anger to others." Year 6 pupil

For photographs of the day please look in the school gallery.