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Westminster Cathedral

Catholic Primary School

Founded by
The Jesuit Fathers circa 1849

LEPRA Assembly

LEPRA Assembly

Last Thursday (09.03.17)  in assembly, Sue Davies from Lepra came to talk to the children about the charity and the work they are doing to fight disease, poverty and prejudice and in particular looking after and treating children, women and men with leprosy.

This is to help develop a wider understanding and empathy with people facing health issues which can often isolate them from their communities.

As an international charity they work on the ground in regions of greatest need; India, Bangladesh and Mozambique, to treat, educate, rehabilitate and give a voice to people living on the margins of society, helping them to improve their health; lives and livelihoods.

Our school have been asked to fundraise for Lepra and as a reward will be taking part in a Lepra Workout during Thursday 23rd March, getting active and raising money for the charity. The children came home today with an envelope each and we ask the children to tell people about the work of Lepra and to collect voluntary donations to help support the charity. We ask that the children return their donations and envelopes on or before 23rd March—at the workout.

We ask you to support your child by enabling them to talk about what they have learnt about Lepra’s work and how they change the lives of others. We also ask for you to collect donations only from those known to you and your family. We do hope that you will be able to support your child and thank you in advance for helping to give a life back to the many children and adults who are in great need of Lepra’s help. You really will make a difference by supporting Lepra.