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Westminster Cathedral

Catholic Primary School

Founded by
The Jesuit Fathers circa 1849


At the beginning of the year, I worked with all of you discussing the what the word inspire means. We looked at people who have been inspirational and how we would like to inspire others. Here are some of the ways YOU wanted to inspire others:

“I want to inspire people by being kind and then they will be kind to other people.” Year 2

“Helping poor people.” Year 1

“I want to inspire children and adults to think about Global warming.” Year 6

“I can inspire others by always persevering through my work so that people can follow in my footsteps.” Year 6

Some of these famous people have inspired others to attempt to do great things. For example, sportspeople often inspire younger people to follow in their footsteps. Other famous people inspire others by the example of their lives.

A good example of this is Mother Teresa. Sometimes, wealthy people who visited Mother Teresa would say, ‘what can I do to bring hope and peace in the world like you are doing?’ Many expected her to say, ‘give generously’, ‘come and work here for a year’ or ‘start an orphanage where you live’.

However, Mother Teresa often gave the very simple answer, ‘peace begins with a smile.’

Isn’t that amazing? If we just start smiling at people and loving people with a smile, we could begin to change things in our homes, our classrooms, our local area and even in our world. You may be thinking, ‘what difference can I make, I’m only a child’ but to be inspirational can take one very small act and be as simple as a smile. So this week I want you to start your journey of inspiring others with a smile.

Ms Smith