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Westminster Cathedral

Catholic Primary School

Founded by
The Jesuit Fathers circa 1849

Corpus Christi

Yesterday the Catholic Church celebrated Corpus Christi, the body and blood of our Lord Jesus.

I wonder how many of you have made it a focus since ‘lock-down’ to eat together as a family. Certainly in my household, we found by slowing down our day to day living we have had time to eat together as a family and this has now become a normality.

As a family we have valued talking together, sharing our news and for me the success and pleasure of sharing a meal my husband has cooked.

I am sure, like many families, whilst restaurants were open, we went out for meals to mark special occasions.

The last meal that Jesus shared with his special friends, the disciples, was one such occasion. We remember this every time we partake in Mass.

“I am the living bread which has come down from heaven. Anyone who eats this bread will live for ever. The bread is my flesh. I will give my flesh so that the people in the world may have life.”