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Westminster Cathedral

Catholic Primary School

Founded by
The Jesuit Fathers circa 1849

Year 2 - Chicks

As part of the Year 2 Science Curriculum - Life cycles - the class have chicks and the children have enjoyed watching and learning the process involved in the chicks hatching from their eggs.

On Monday morning, our ten eggs, incubator and brooder box were delivered along with a poster and some manuals. We were so excited because Miss Simmons told us that the chicks would hatch on either Wednesday or Thursday (Thomas).

We also learnt about the chick life cycles and that it takes 21 days. An interesting fact, is that the chick eats it’s yolk which is full of nutrients and makes the chicks grow stronger. (Hannah May).

By Wednesday morning 2 chicks had hatched, I felt very proud because of how they had got out all on their own (Maggie Sue.

By lunchtime, I witnessed our 3rd chick hatching (Phoenix).

Luckily for us by the end of the day we had 5 chicks, we called them: Sandy, Fluffy, Lexie, Sweetie and Jake. Could you believe by Thursday all of the eggs had hatched. During the day one of the chicks put on an egg shell, it looked like a crash helmet on it’s head which made us laugh. (Leo).

We took two of the oldest chicks out for a play and cleaned the brooder box for the first time.

Finally on Thursday afternoon we moved all of the remaining chicks into the brooder box.‚Äč