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Westminster Cathedral

Catholic Primary School

Founded by
The Jesuit Fathers circa 1849

Year 4 Assembly - Growth Mindset

Year 4 have done it again, they have left me speechless!

Their assembly based on Growth Mindset was excellent. Year 4 put into practise all they taught us regarding Growth Mindset. The class were able to prepare and rehearse their assembly in a week and they spoke and sang so clearly.


The children taught us about Growth Mindset and the words and phrases we should say to encourage us to have a growth mindset. I was particularly intrigued to hear that famous people like Walt Disney, Bill Gates and JK Rowling were rejected for their work yet they did not give up. Through their growth mindset they have all achieved outstanding things.


Thank you Year 4 for starting the new school term very positively and I look forward to seeing the school put into practise all you have taught us.