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Westminster Cathedral

Roman Catholic Primary School

Founded by
The Jesuit Fathers circa 1849

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  • Celebration Assembly 07/05/2020 Responsibility

    Published 12/05/20


    Responsibility is a duty or obligation to complete perform a given task.

    The adults in your life have many responsibilities from ensuring you have food to eat to making sure you feel safe and loved.

    When at school, your teachers expect you to follow the school rules, to work to the best of your ability and to respect one another. You take responsibility for these things.

    What are you responsible for at home? Perhaps you are responsible for making your bed and keeping your room tidy. Think about how you can show more responsibility at home. How can you demonstrate your school responsibilities at home?

    Taking responsibility takes time and effort. Let’s develop our sense of responsibility together.

    Enjoy the good news that is to follow!

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  • Newsletter 04/05/2020

    Published 05/05/20

    To think we are in the month of May, the month of our lady. May is a time in the Catholic tradition to honour Jesus’ mother and the mother of our Church. If we were at school we would have created a “May Altar” and would have had fresh flowers surrounding the beautiful Mary statue by the school office. We would focus our prayers on Mary’s importance in the life of the Church and in our own lives as well.


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  • Message from the staff.

    Published 01/05/20

    A message from all the staff at WCPS. 

    To all our wonderful children and families, just because we can't see you doesn't mean we aren't thinking of you. We hope you are all well. We miss you all dearly.

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  • Newsletter 27.04.2020

    Published 27/04/20

    Dear parents and friends,

    I want to start this week’s newsletter by saying a huge thank you for continuing to adapt to the new way of learning and working remotely. Last week we continued our home learning structure with a few adaptations. The teachers are now sending an overview of the week to you on Monday and you are receiving daily emails with the children’s learning further explained. The teachers are thoroughly enjoying receiving the emails you and the children are sending to them.

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  • Celebration Assembly 24/4/20: Patience

    Published 27/04/20


    Patience means to wait calmly without becoming annoyed and to continue to do something despite difficulty.

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  • Easter Sunday

    Published 14/04/20

    The Lord is Risen, Alleluia. Happy Easter to you all.

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  • Good Friday

    Published 10/04/20

    Today is Good Friday, the day we remember Jesus’ death on the cross which fulfilled the scriptures.

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  • Maundy Thursday

    Published 09/04/20

    Today is Maundy Thursday and marks the beginning of the Easter triduum and this year we are doing it without the possibility of going to Church and re-enacting the story. It dawned on me this morning that as a school community we have not shared the Easter Story nor the Stations of the Cross. It is always a highlight of the school year being able to re-live and reflect on Jesus’ Passion as he suffered and died on the cross for our sins.

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  • School update 24.03.20

    Published 24/03/20

    Dear parents and friends,

    Many blessings to you all in these strange and unpredictable times. It is a challenging time for all of us, particularly our children. Many of them will not understand why the school is closed and why our lives have to change. Even though we may not have the answers to many of the questions and even though we may not physically be together for some time, it is important to remember we are all part of the strong, caring community of Westminster Cathedral Primary School.

    As you are aware the school is to remain closed to all apart from key workers or vulnerable children who have NO OTHER childcare provision. The message from the Government is very clear—pupils are to stay at home unless completely necessary.

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  • School closure

    Published 19/03/20

    Please read the attached letter about school closures.

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  • Information for parents

    Published 16/03/20
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  • Science Day 2020

    Published 08/03/20

    What a wonderful Science Day. The children had a lot of fun with their science workshops. Please visit the School Gallery to see some of the exciting activities and experiments the children completed.

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