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Westminster Cathedral

Catholic Primary School

Founded by
The Jesuit Fathers circa 1849

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  • Join our school!

    Published 05/07/20
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  • Parent Consultation

    Published 05/07/20

    Click HERE to access information regarding the second phase of the consultation (led by Westminster City Council) which is open from 6th January until 3rd February 2022.

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  • The feast of St. Peter and St.Paul

    Published 28/06/20

    Today is the Feast of St Peter and St Paul, it was celebrated in the Catholic Church yesterday. For those who joined Father Pat at Mass or any other Parish you would have seen the priests wearing red and the altar was dressed in red. The colour red is used to remind us of the blood of the martyrs—those who died for their faith.

    St .Peter is often painted holding keys, the keys to heaven. He is often painted standing on a Cathedral which marks him being the first Pope.

    St. Paul is often painted holding a book or a sword. The book represents the many letters St Paul wrote telling the early Christian community about Jesus. The sword is a reminder of the means of his martyrdom – he was be

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  • Asking for help

    Published 28/06/20

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed with things being asked of you? Perhaps it’s been tricky to complete an activity or a job, finding the answers to a question or even just knowing what to do in a difficult situation. What can we do when we are feeling like this?

     I just needed to ask someone for help. I will be honest with you, I find it rather difficult to ask people for help. Why do you think it might be hard to ask for help? Why do you think the horse said asking for help was ‘brave’? I want you to be brave and ask for ‘help’. Who could you ask for help? Can you offer someone help when you think they might need it? Help is a powerful word and we should feel brave enough to use it. Enjoy the light relief from the thunderstorm if they arrive, ready for more sunshine next week. Miss Smith

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  • Mass for Schools

    Published 22/06/20

    On Thursday it was an honour to sit in the hall with our Year 6 class and share the Mass celebrated by Cardinal Vincent Nichols live from Westminster Cathedral. The Cardinal celebrated Mass for schools and used his homily and blessings to say thank staff in schools, to the pupils and parents for working through the pandemic. He particularly spoke to the Year 6 pupils acknowledging that they are coming to the end of their primary years. He told the pupils to be proud of their achievements. I looked around the hall during his address and could see our Yr 6 pupils absorbing what he was saying. I trust they keep their faith and all they have learnt as they embark on the next stage of their educational career.


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  • Compassion

    Published 22/06/20

    Compassion: Compassion means we care about others, treat them with kindness and feel a strong desire to help people in need. Compassion is empathy in action.

    For some of you, compassion might look like giving a hug, making a card, or saying something kind to help a friend or family member who is feeling sad or upset.

    Showing compassion for people around us is very important. If we treat people as we would like to be treated ourselves, we are showing compassion. The woman in our story showed compassion to a stranger. It isn’t safe to go up to strangers, especially on our own, but with people here in our school community, friends and family members, we can try hard to feel what it’s like to be in their shoes. Perhaps that will change the way we behave towards them.

    Can you think of a time when you showed compassion?

    What did you do? Why did you show this compassion?

    Compassion is the way to put ourselves in other peoples shoes and imagine what it was like to be them. Compassion helps us imagine how we would like to be treated if we were in someone else’s situation.

    If you needed help, what would you like others to do?

    This week I would like you practice compassion towards your family and friends.

    Compassion is like a muscle, it gets stronger the more it is practiced.

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  • Corpus Christi

    Published 15/06/20

    Yesterday the Catholic Church celebrated Corpus Christi, the body and blood of our Lord Jesus.

    I wonder how many of you have made it a focus since ‘lock-down’ to eat together as a family. Certainly in my household, we found by slowing down our day to day living we have had time to eat together as a family and this has now become a normality.

    As a family we have valued talking together, sharing our news and for me the success and pleasure of sharing a meal my husband has cooked.

    I am sure, like many families, whilst restaurants were open, we went out for meals to mark special occasions.

    The last meal that Jesus shared with his special friends, the disciples, was one such occasion. We remember this every time we partake in Mass.

    “I am the living bread which has come down from heaven. Anyone who eats this bread will live for ever. The bread is my flesh. I will give my flesh so that the people in the world may have life.”


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  • Perseverance

    Published 15/06/20


    Perseverance is the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult.

    What helps you not to give up?

    Who helps you to keep going?

    How can you encourage others to keep trying?

    Whats the hardest thing about sticking at a task?

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  • Change

    Published 07/06/20

    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

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  • Personal announcement from Mrs Stacey

    Published 04/06/20

    Monday 1st June Mrs Stacey sent a letter to all parents within our school community. Please read the letter attached.

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  • Newsletter 11/05/2020

    Published 12/05/20

    Happy VE Day.

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